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There are a few things you can do before your first appointment to help keep your appointment on time and moving. Fill out the forms linked below ahead of time for each person who will be visit us. Bring your paperwork, insurance information and ID to your first appointment.

First visit checklist

  • New patient paperwork
  • Insurance card
  • ID
  • A list of questions you’d like to talk about

We believe in patient-led dental care

We talk to many people. We know how many of you would rather wait at the DMV than go to the dentist. That’s why we are 100% committed to surprising your socks off! Our office is full of amazing people who truly care about you. From the way we remember your name when you walk in, to the coffee we offer in the lounge; the details matter. We also believe in patient-led care. That means you’re in charge of your health. You decide which procedures and next steps you’re willing and able to do. You tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll provide guidance, expert advice and the tools you need to reach your goals. You won’t ever catch us nagging about flossing or pushing procedures you don’t want. Nope, that’s not who we are. And we’re proud of that.

Let’s talk money

Great dental care, affordably

One theme you’ll notice if you read our patient reviews, is how reasonable our services are. We know dental needs often come up unexpectedly, and it can catch even the most prepared off guard. We want you to feel good about taking care of yourself, and that means making sure you can pay for the work you need without disrupting the rest of your life.


We accept all PPO plans. We will even bill your insurance for you — you don’t need more paperwork to deal with!


Some procedures make more sense to spread payments out over time, that’s why we’re proud to partner with CareCredit®. CareCredit is one of the leading healthcare credit cards accepted at over 175,000 providers nationwide. Pay upfront for necessary procedures and make affordable monthly payments that work with your budget. CareCredit financing is flexible, convenient, and the application process is simple.

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If you have questions prior to scheduling give us a call. We are standing by. Remember, scheduling is easy.

We’re open until 6PM 4 days a week and offer block scheduling to accommodate busy families.