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We're excited to launch our new blog! We will post regularly about things our patients care about. We’ll keep it interesting and fun and hope you use it as a resource to answer questions. We encourage you to send us questions or topics you’d like to see covered as well! Email us. Do you have a success story? If your oral health is better since joining the Marina Hills Dental family, we want to share it with our readers! Let us know at your next appointment or email us with your story!

Alternative Text Posted January 27, 2020 / Blog
Todd Petersen

Help Your Little Superhero Fight Bad Breath Bugs

Bad breath stinks, doesn’t it? Pardon the silly pun, but we think some icebreakers (get it, like the mint?) can make it easier to jump into what might be less than comfortable subjects. How do we know it isn’t a comfortable subject? Well, the fear of bad breath is so common, there’s even a name […]

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Alternative Text Posted December 27, 2019 / Blog, Dental Health
Todd Petersen

I Had Braces, Now My Jaw Hurts: Can Orthodontics Cause TMJ?

You had braces when you were younger and never experienced any jaw pain or other TMJ symptoms prior. Then, after you completed your orthodontic treatment, you developed a pain in your jaw, maybe accompanied by popping, locking, clenching and grinding. Maybe you developed these symptoms shortly after having your braces removed, maybe it was a […]

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Alternative Text Posted December 13, 2019 / Blog, Dental Health, Dental Services
Todd Petersen

The Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth

We all remember losing our teeth as children and being delighted to find money from the tooth fairy under our pillow, but it’s just not as much fun losing teeth as an adult. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have an average of […]

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Alternative Text Posted November 27, 2019 / Blog, Dental Services
Todd Petersen

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Invisalign®!

If you have a crooked tooth, odd spaces between your teeth or a poor bite, you might be considering all of your orthodontic options. Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that realigns your bite and teeth for the best possible look and function. Did you know that our ancestors actually had naturally larger jaws? This […]

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Alternative Text Posted November 13, 2019 / Blog, Dental Health
Todd Petersen

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Bleeding Gums

One of the most common and destructive myths about oral health is that it’s normal for gums to bleed. The Spring Creek dentists of Marina Hills Dental would like everyone to know that this is not the case! Imagine if we weren’t talking about gums—should any part of your body start to bleed whenever you […]

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Alternative Text Posted October 13, 2019 / Blog, Dental Services
Todd Petersen

Types for All Stripes: Teeth Whitening

Whiter, brighter teeth are on the top of everyone’s smile wish list – and for good reason! White teeth look young and healthy. The good news is that teeth whitening is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your smile, and the results are almost immediate. If you’re already taking good care of […]

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Alternative Text Posted August 4, 2019 / Blog
Todd Petersen

Welcome Home

Welcome to our new website! We are thrilled with the launch of our new online home that will help us provide a better experience for our patients. This site is meant to be an extension of our practice that allows you to easily find information and schedule appointments, and a resource for our patients and […]

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